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POPI Implementation Tool

iso 27001Fulfilling the requirements of the POPI Act might appear to be daunting. Where should one start and what are the priority issues? A POPI management system can help direct and coordinate the activities required in a POPI programmme and continuously improve the level of compliance and readiness to respond to instances of non-compliance with the POPI Act.

Find out more about our functionally rich POPI Management System that support small and large organisation's POPI implementations.

Jump start your POPI programme by starting with a POPI management system!   

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Capability Improvement

COBIT 5 Process Assessment
Build your IT function's capability to deliver the performance expected by business.


COBIT Management System

cobit 5 management systemImprove your IT organisation's efficiency and effectiveness with a management system to coordinate and continuously improve the operational practices.


IT Governance Implementation Expertise

it governance oversightIT governance experts are available to assist establish, implement and improve the governance of IT based on the ISO 38500 standard and COBIT 5 good practices.


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