Description of the COBIT 5 Assurance Course


Provide an understanding of the "COBIT 5 for Assurance" approach to delivering assurance, including: 

  • What is assurance?
  • How do the COBIT 5 enablers relate to providing assurance?
  • How do I set up and maintain an efficient assurance function?
  • How does COBIT 5 help me to provide assurance?
  • What does a COBIT 5-based audit/assurance programme look like?
  • Are there any examples of COBIT 5-based audit/assurance programmes? - Yes
  • Does COBIT 5 align with assurance standards? - Yes
  • Does COBIT 5 for Assurance include detailed instructions on how to perform an assessment? - No 

On completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Assurance Function and Assurance Process perspectives
  • Communicate how the COBIT 5 Enablers contribute the Assurance Function perspective
    • Process aspects that impact assurance
    • Information flows
    • Organisational structures
    • Policies, principles and practices.


Participants will learn through discussion and practical examples how to establish an Assurance function and implement the process and practices necessary for an integrated approach to effectively providing assurance.

This seminar includes topics about:

  • How the COBIT 5 principles can be applied to assurance activities
  • Using COBIT 5 enablers for governing and managing assurance
  • Providing assurance over COBIT 5 enablers.