The Corporate Governance of ICT Policy Framework (Framework) was developed by the Department of Public Service and Administration in cooperation with the Government Information Technology Officer Council. Cabinet approved the Framework on 21 November 2012 and its applicability to all National and Provincial Departments, Provincial Administrations, Local Government, Organs of State and Public Entities.

The head of department is responsible for the implementation of good ICT governance.


The purpose of ICT governance is to ensure that the acquisition, management and use of information technology by departments improves:

  • direct or indirect service delivery to the public, including but not limited to, equal access by the public to services delivered by the department
  • productivity of the department
  • cost-efficiency of the department.

The lack of a governance-wide IT governance framework has resulted in a fragmented approach to the implementation of and adherence to policies and standards, and unlocking the value that ICT could contribute  to business enablement.


To ensure compliance departments are required to annually report to the  Department of Public Service and Administration in accord with the Corporate Governance of ICT Assessment Standard as part of the Management Performance Assessment Tool of the Department of Performance Monitoring and Administration.


Non-compliance will be managed in terms of Section 16A of the Public Service Act.

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